Administer: My Settings

The Administer: My Settings page displays the personal preferences for the user who has logged into the Console.
These preferences are split into two sections:
  1. Personal Details and
  2. Console Display Preferences.

Personal Details

These details were defined when you were created as a Console User. You are able to change your name, mobile number, email address and password. The Account Administrator may also edit the account nickname used to log into the account. To change one or more of these fields click the 'edit' button.

We recommend you change your password regularly, use a combination of alpha-numeric characters and that you don't use words or numbers that are easily associated with you (for example, a name or birthday). An email address and mobile number must be defined. You use the email address to log into the Console. You may also receive alerts to the mobile number and email address as a result of certain events occurring, and on occasion from No such variable: No variable application defined..

After you have made your required changes, click the 'Save' button.

Console Display Preferences

Click 'edit' to change your Console display preferences. No such variable: No variable application defined. will automatically adjust for daylight savings as required.

After you have made your required changes, click the 'Save' button.

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