The Alarms page displays the current alarms and recent console alerts for an account. It also provides useful quick links to various areas of the console.

Active Alarms

This table lists the latest alarms and broadcast events in chronological order. Each row displays specific details such as the type of alarm or event, date/time, and the last known location. You can action these alarms and events by selecting their checkbox on the left-hand side of each row, and clicking one of buttons directly beneath the table. Refer to the table below:

Click to view the last known location for the selected devices.
Click to acknowledge the selected alarms and suppress reminder alerts.

In addition, certain alarms can also be ended by a console user. An endable alarm will display a button on the right-hand side of the row. Click to end the alarm.

You can add and remove different alarm/event types with the checkboxes above the table.

Console Alerts

In this table various console actions and alerts are displayed. Priority alerts are accompanied by a preceding , with highest priority alerts displaying a symbol.

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