The Configure page is accessible by Administrators and console users with appropriate rights. The Configure page contains the following secondary menu links:


View and configure the account's devices, acknowledge alarms, activate devices, allocate devices, and create device groups.
View help for the Devices configuration page

Device Status:

View and configure indicators of device status.
View help for the Configure Device Status page


Create Profiles to store a template of response behaviours for incoming messages, assignable to personal tracking devices (only).
View help for the Profiles configuration page


Create Workers, to create a worker who may be allocated to a personal tracking device.
View help for the Worker configuration page


Create geofences to generate alarms when devices enter or leave defined areas.
View help for the Geofences configuration page

Custom GIS:

Create Company Locations and manage map layers. Company locations may be used for commonly used or important addresses that are shown on maps and for identifying device locations. Custom map layers can be used as custom map overlays.
View help for the Custom GIS configuration page


Create Journeys and Routes, a geospatial construct that a device is expected to follow, in order to produce various reports.
View help for the Routes configuration page


Create scheduled reports to periodically report on various route criteria for one or more devices.
View help for the Reports configuration page


View and configure the activities for non-personal tracking devices.
View help for the Activities configuration page

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