Configure: Activities

The Configure: Activities page enables you to view, edit, create, assign and export Device Activities. The Activities page is available when one or more non-UDP (User Defined Profile) Devices are active in the Tracertrak account. A non-UDP Device is one which has a predefined tracking schedule and cannot be reprogrammed remotely.


The 'Activities' table lists all the non-personal tracking Devices on the account, showing their name, Device Serial Number (ESN), the name of their assigned Activity and the due date of the Activity.

Create New Activity

Click this button to open the Create New Activity pop-up.

Enter a unique Activity name and click save. The new Activity will be added to your account.

Delete Activities

Click this button to open the Delete Activities pop-up. The pop-up lists all Activities on the account with a delete button for each.

Assign Activities

Click this button to open the Assign Activity pop-up. Choose an Activity to assign from the drop down list.

Select the Devices you wish to assign the Activity to. Selected Devices will be added to the Selected Devices pane on the right side of the pop-up. To remove a Device from the Selected Devices pane, click the x button next to that Device. Each Device can only be assigned to one activity.

You may also choose an Activity due date for all selected Device.

Edit Due Date

Click this button to edit the due date of a Device's assigned Activity.

Import Activities

Click this button to open the Import Activities pop-up.

The pop-up allows you to configure assigned activities and due dates by importing a CSV file with headers for Device name, Activity and Due Date. The pop-up provides detailed instructions on the format and import process.

Export Activities

Click this button to download a CSV file containing the current activities and due dates for all Devices on your Tracertrak account.

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