Tracertrak maintains a history of events for three months, after which the data is no longer accessible from the Tracertrak Console. The History page contains the following search subjects accessible via secondary menu links:


Search the history of broadcasts sent by the account's devices. View the broadcast broken down to its various fields of information.
View help for the Broadcast history search


Search the history of locations broadcast by the account's devices. Any alarm that was active at the time a location was broadcast is also identified.
View help for the Location history search


Search the history of alarms triggered by the account's devices. See which devices have triggered alarms and when, when the alarms ended and who, if anyone, acknowledged the alarms.
View help for the Alarm history search


Search the history of alerts sent to the account's Users by Tracertrak via SMS, the alerts window in the Console and email.
View help for the Alert history search

2-way SMS:

Search the history of SMS requests made by the account's devices and users. The SMS requests include requests for the location of devices, lists of current alarms and alarm acknowledgements.
View help for the 2-way SMS history search


Search the history of messages sent to and from the account's devices. The results include date/time, sender, recipient, content, and the mode it was delivered by.
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