Search History: Locations

Search Criteria


Search the locations of one or more devices from the 'Devices' table list in the top-left corner of the Locations page.

Devices marked with the symbol have been deleted from the account in the last three months.

Time Period

Define the time period for which you want to retrieve device locations.

Display As

Choose whether you wish to see the locations shown in the results as raw GPS data (as broadcast by the device) or paired with the relevant alarm information.


Limit the search results to locations that resulted in or occurred during particular location-related alarms. If none selected, results will include all alarm types.

Search Results

Results are returned in chronological order, with the most recent at the top of the list.

Result column Description of field
Date/Time The date and time the location was broadcast by the device or when the location error was recorded.
Device (Serial Number) The device that broadcast the location, identified by its name and serial number.
Location [Coordinates] The address matched to the coordinates broadcast by the device.
Information Identifies any alarm that may have been triggered as a result of the location or was occurring for the device when the location was received.
Result Either 'success' if the device provided a location when it was expected and the location was successfully parsed, or 'failure' if the location could not be determined from the broadcast or the device did not broadcast its location when it was expected to.

Print Results

Click this button to open a print-friendly view of the search results. For best results, set your printer to print in the landscape page layout.

Export Results

Click this button to save the results as a comma-separated variables file (*.csv). This format enables you import the results into other software external to the No such variable: No variable application defined. Console.

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