Search History: Messages

Search Criteria


Search the messages of one or more devices from the 'Devices' table list in the top-left corner of the Messages page.

Devices marked with the symbol have been deleted from the account in the last three months.

Time Period

Define the time period for which you want to retrieve messages.


Choose whether you wish to retrieve messages delivered by Email, SMS or Console by having the appropriate option(s) ticked. Console mode includes messages sent between a device and logged in console user, plus messages sent to an device from an external sender.

Search Results

Results are returned in chronological order, with the most recent at the top of the list. Results include messages sent or received by the selected devices.

Result column Description of field
Date/Time The date and time the message was sent.
Sender Who or what device sent the message.
Mode Identifies how the message was delivered. Either "Email", "SMS", or "Console".
Content The content of the message.
Recipient(s) Who or what device the message was sent to.
Result Either "Sent" or "Failed" to send.

Print Results

Click this button to open a print-friendly view of the search results. For best results, set your printer to print in the landscape page layout.

Export Results

Click this button to save the results as a comma-separated variables file (*.csv). This format enables you import the results into other software external to the Tracertrak Console.

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